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Welcome Back! (Happy New Year 2012-13!)

I wanted to pen a quick note of welcome to our returning, and new, University of Chicago students before we get too far into the hectic orientation or early Autumn Quarter.

We're looking forward to a busy 2012-13, and we're hopeful to get even more students, departments, and faculty members involved in the work of partnering with our (broadly defined) neighborhood schools to do our part to contribute to the mission of making sure every student gets the best possible education. 

We need your help!  Beyond working or volunteering at NSP, we need you to help us recruit other students who would be willing to work or volunteer in the schools.  There is no shortage of need in the schools, and our office can work with University students to match them to a particular school that can mesh with their availability and interests.  Our 2012-13 Application is now available online.

Throughout the year, I'll write updates on various aspects of NSP, programs at the University, and try my best share news from the schools and our neighboring communities.   NSP will also invite current NSP students, and community partners, to write regular or occasional blog posts here.  We have a vibrant community here at NSP, and the best way to grow our community is to share our stories.  

-Shaz Rasul, Director, Neighborhood Schools Program