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Welcome Back

Welcome back UChicago Students and NSPers!

As second week begins, many of us will be beginning our years with NSP. Many of us will be returning to our old schools with familiar faces while many more of us will be embarking on new experiences in different schools. Several others will be joining the NSP team for the first time, and I want to wish each of you the best as you begin your journey with NSP.

With summer behind us and a (hopefully warm, beautiful) fall facing us, I hope everyone has the experience they hope for with their new students. Personally, I am looking forward to helping seniors through their college application process and senior year of math. What are you looking forward to in your classrooms with your students?

I encourage everyone to look ahead to the coming year, set goals for yourself and for your students, keep track of how you are doing along the way, and most importantly, try hard to bring all of your energy and enthusiasm to every day you volunteer.

Lead on!