Autumn 2013 Check-in Process - Welcome Back!

We look forward to seeing you all this week during NSP Check-Ins!  Starting at 10am today, we ask that all NSPers stop by the office to pick up your new schedule and to get started back working.  Please remember, if you did not yet complete the MANDATORY Check In survey, please do so today:  You will have to complete this at check-in if it is not already completed!

Be sure to check in with us no later than October 14th if you plan on working this year.  All positions not claimed will be offered to new employees!

Check out what’s new this year…

Identification (Lanyards, Bios, & T-Shirts)

Please wear your new NSP Lanyard EVERYDAY you work at your site!  Please drop your UChicago student ID or another appropriate ID card into the holster to identify yourself as an NSP Student at your site.  Also, we have NEW student bio sheets that share a little bit of information about you to share with your teacher.  Please complete the link that will be sent to your email within a week to create your form.  I will email the completed version of the document to you and your site coordinator.  When you can, and when you feel like it…please wear your NSP tee!  Need a new tee?Please see us!

Hours (maximum caps for ALL paid employees)

This year we will only be able to offer a maximum of 10 paid hours per week to undergraduate students and 12 hours per week for graduate students.  All non-work study but paid students (from our budget) will be capped at 4 hours this year. 

Any work under the limits outlined is permissible, but all students have to be conscious not to go over the maximum limits.  Any time worked outside of the hours cap WILL BE COUNTED AS VOLUNTEER TIME!!!  For all of our returning students, we are still planning to have a check-in as usual where we will collect your work-study forms, update payroll paperwork and get our volunteers ready to start back at sites.   We can talk more about this new limitation at that time if needed.

Paychecks/ Direct Deposits

Starting November 1, the “Rapidpay” system will be introduced for all students who are paid via check.  The only “paper check” that will be printed for this year will be the first pay check for the year (you can pick it up at the NSP office), all other checks will be direct deposited into your bank account or deposited on to the Rapidpay card that can be used as a debit.  We encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit (if you are not already on the system) at