Autumn Quarter Check-Out Instructions


Before you leave for the Winter break, please complete this checklist of items in order to completely transition out of the Fall for a complete and quick start up in the Winter:

1.     Notify your site partner of your last day working for the quarter.

2.     Complete your Web Report: 
*This can ONLY be completed online*

3.     Have your Supervisor to complete the Progress Report: 
*A copy of this form is attached to this email and you can also pick up a copy in our office (in the bin where the timesheets are!)*

4.     Complete your Learning Workshop Evaluation at this link:

5.     Cancel your van service for the Fall quarter after you have completed your work hours.

6.     if you are not planning on returning next quarter, please email me AND complete this Exit Survey: Your feedback and suggestions are SUPER important with us!!!

7.     If you have any checks in the office, please be sure to pick them up at the office before you leave!

ALL Reports are due Friday, December 14th!  If you need any help with completing any of the items on the checklist above, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.