NSP Annual Reception - May 18, 2017

(Updated:  Recap with Photos)

Neighborhood Schools Program Annual Reception and Awards Ceremony

May 18, 2017 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Building Community Through a Legacy of Learning


These awards are presented annually to college students who have been with the Neighborhood Schools Program for their entire college career and have made long-lasting contributions to the school/community partner.  This award was named after Duel Richardson (AB'67), NSP's Founding Director, in 2011.

Meesoh Brossard (Hyde Park Learning Resource Center)
Dakota Bowman (King College Prep, Kozminski, 5th Ward)
Matthew Brown (Gary Comer Youth Center, Sue Duncan Children’s Center)
William Bursich (Murrary, Wadsworth)
Eleanor Carpenter (Jumpstart, Robinson)
Jean-Philippe Dorval (Jumpstart)
Anthony Downer (Hales Franciscan, Christian Mitchell, Kwame Raoul)
Panya Gupta (Ray Elementary)
Gabriella Mulder (Ancona)
Emma Oberman (Dunbar, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club)
Adele Padgett (Ray Elementary)
Giselle Quezada (St. Thomas)
Marina Rioux (South Shore Fine Arts Academy)
Akanksha Shah (Maroon Tutor Match)
Theresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker (Bret Harte Elementary)
Elizabeth Wood (Hyde Park Learning Resource Center)
Shannon Wotherspoon (Carnegie, Hyde Park Learning Resource Center)


The Neighborhood Schools Program annually confers the Donald G. York Faculty Engagement Award to a faculty member who has led programming that makes an impact in the lives of young people in our local communities and helped to build relationships through learning.  Donald G. York (PhD'71) is Faculty Emeritus in Astronomy and the Founder of the CPS | UChicago Internet Project (CUIP). The award was named after him in 2012.  In past years:  Mark Oreglia (Physics), Adam Hammond (BioPhysics),  Cathy Cohen (Political Science), Bart Schultz (Philosophy),  Marv Hoffman (Urban Education Institute),  Sara Stoelinga (Sociology/Urban Education Institute),  and Don York (Astronomy) have all been recognized in this manner.

This Year's awardee is Stephanie Cacioppo. Stepahnie is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and Director of the High-Performance Electrical Neuroimaging (HPEN) Laboratory at the University of Chicago.  Her interests span and join medical neuroscience, social neuroscience, and cognitive psychology.   For the past 5 years, she has organized a set of tranformative field trips to reseach labs at the University for local high schools as part of the international "Brain Awareness Day" movement.  Her committment to empower young people to build a strong pipeline for the future of brain research is inspiring.


Sara Spurlark (1924-2012) dedicated her life to educating youth in the Hyde Park and North Kenwood Oakland communities and was a pioneer in charting the course of urban education in Chicago.  According to Tim Knowles, formerly of the Urban Education Institute, “Ms. Spurlark has been involved with the Chicago Public Schools for many years as an advisor and guide to superintendents, principals, teachers and social workers, a mentor to hundreds of educators, and a role model to thousands of children across the city of Chicago.”  She progressed in her career from starting as a science teacher for twelve years, to being the assistant principal of Kenwood Academy, later becoming the principal of Ray School, and also being critical in the development of the University of Chicago Charter Schools.  For over a decade, the Neighborhood Schools Program has recognized outstanding local teachers with an award in Ms. Spurlark's name.

Heba Abassi – The Chicago Free School
Kathleen George-Henderson, Hyde Park Academy
Steve Jandreski – UCCS, Woodson Middle School
Nykela Nixon – Wadsworth Elementary


NSP annually recognizes students who have made a tremendous contribution during the current academic year to their partner school/community center and the program overall.

Elijah Alperin (Bret Harte)
Izzy Jorgensen (Ray Elementary)
Brian Krause (UCCS - Woodson)
Gabriella Mulder (Ancona)
Maxwell Wiltzer (Mt. Carmel)


NSP's Partner PRograms (Maroon Tutor MAtch and the Community Programs Accelerator) are proud to recognize students who have made a tremendous contribution during the current academic year to their programs.

Abha Basargekar (MTM)
Hannah Buonomo (MTM)
Jonathan Caldwell (MTM)
Hannah Goss (MTM)
Molly Bartels (CPA)


Special Thanks to our Partners and Friends for providing another wonderful year of partnership for student engagement.  Thanks to our NSPers for all of their hard work this year! We hope you will join us for another year, and salute the Class of 2017 and wish you all the best in your next endeavors!  -Shaz, Monica, James, Charlie, Su-Ying, Christa, Lionette, Adrian, Cari, and the Leadership Corps