NSP Week May 19 - May 23

May 19: Ice Cream Social (NSP office, 12-4pm)

Partake in our Sundae bar, where NSPers can peruse pictures of this year's activities and get to know each other over ice cream.

Tuesday, May 20: Remember Me Sue (Logan Arts Center, Room 801, 7-8:30pm)

Come join us for a screening of Remember Me Sue, a documentary about one of our partner sites, the Sue Duncan Children’s center. A great way to experience the history of Chicago, the film includes footage of the center and Hyde Park from the last 30 years along with a gripping narrative. The director, and former NSPer Melina Kolb will give commentary and field questions about the film immediately following the screening and food will be served.

Wednesday, May 21: Teacher Appreciation Day (NSP Office, 12-3pm)

NSPers will get to express your appreciation for the teachers you work with by creating notes of thanks from you, and you can even take it to the site for your students to sign.  Lunch will be served!

Thursday, May 22: Field and Fun Day (Kozminski Community Academy, 1:45-3pm)

Join us in an afternoon of fun as we partner with the faculty and staff of Kozminski Elementary for our NSP Field Day.  We will join forces with their K-8th graders as we play kick ball, baton races and even a 3-legged race.  It’s sure to be a good time with the kids at Koz!

Friday, May 23: UNITY Student Appreciation BBQ and Awards (NSP Office Front Lawn, 3-5pm)

NSPers, Jumpstarters, Gear UP, College Bridge and CUIP Students, let’s celebrate as ONE!   Come out to the lawn in front of the NSP office to enjoy some tasty hamburgers, hotdogs and other treats! Our staff will be running a bbq pit in appreciation of your service. We will also be highlighting our award recipients and our graduates! 

Don’t forget to RSVP!  http://goo.gl/M2PZIS