Transportation Reminders - Spring 2013

1.      One Time and Permanent Van Schedules

Once you have been assigned your NSP partner site and have scheduled a time to meet with your site coordinator, you can email to set up your one time van ride.  After your first visit, you can submit a permanent schedule at  Once your schedule is entered, you can make temporary changes and permanent changes to your van schedule. To make a permanent change to your van schedule, you will have to delete your present van schedule entirely and resubmit a new van request that will be submitted for approval.  You can also halt (stop) your van schedule for an extended period of time via the website if needed.

2.Contacting your van driver

You can contact our van drivers via their cell phones (North Bound of 55th Sites at 773-230-1494 and South Bound of 55th Sites at 773-230-0658).  If you are ever unable to reach your driver, you can contact our direct land line at 773-702-7588.  Prompt # 1 is for James, prompt # 2 is for Charlie, and prompt #3 will send your call directly to the main NSP office phone.  Please use for emails and texts to the drivers.

3.No Call/No Show Policy

If you are ever unable to make your scheduled van ride for the day, please contact your van driver by cell or email. Same-day cancellations can be made by email at If you must cancel less than an hour away from your scheduled pick up, please CALL your van driver!  Unfortunately, if you do not call or email your driver you will receive a “no-call, no-show” note on the van schedule.   Multiple no call no show incidents can result in a suspension of van privileges, a possible conference with NSP staff, or a site reassignment.  

*As a friendly reminder to all of our van riders - Our capacity is limited and, consequently, some schedules are not able to be approved.  However, we promise to work with you to get as close to your needs as possible.