Updates - 10/16

NSPers -- Please take note of the following announcements below.

SchedulesIf you have not already done so, please submit your work schedule ASAP.  If you are having trouble contacting your site, please attempt to email/call or just drop by to create your schedule.  Ultimately if you are not successful with your attempts, please email me and I will get in touch with the sites on your behalf.  If you have already emailed me about any site contact issues, I am currently working on responding to those requests now and plan to get back to you by the end of this week!

Transportation:  Van Riders, don’t forget the “early bird gets the worm” on the van.  As you checked in early, you have the first shot at creating your ideal van schedule.  We are in our recruiting season, and we will have new employees that will be utilizing the van site to create their schedules for the quarter.  Please do not delay inputting your van schedule as slots WILL fill up quickly!

Work Study Forms:  If you have not stopped by to sign your typed work study form, please stop by and check in with Emily ASAP!

Work Study Students:  Do you have more than one work study job?  If so, please do not forget that you have ONE award for the YEAR that will be used towards all of your jobs.  The maximum number of hours that can be worked through NSP is 10 hours.  ANY hours worked over 10 will be considered volunteer hours!  If you have any questions or concerns about your work study award amount or distribution please contact the Work Study Office at Jacerra@uchicago.edu.

PS…Learning Workshops - We’ve started working on our Fall workshop calendar for the quarter, we will be sending more info about those VERY soon!