Current NSPers

Current NSP employees and volunteers can find useful information, forms, and links below.

Guidelines & Policies

Recent hires are recommended to read the guidelines we have for our students. These include our general expectations for our teaching assistants and administrative interns.

Our handbook provides a thorough overview of the Neighborhood Schools Program's mission, policies, and helpful information for our students.

Time Sheet

Time Sheets should be submitted in person to the NSP Office or via email to at the end of each pay period. A list of pay periods is on the back of the Time Sheet. 

Note: Student employees and volunteers will need to get their Quarterly Work Schedule from the NSP Office in person when you check-in each quarter.

Learning Workshops

Student employees and volunteers in the Neighborhood Schools Program must attend at least one Learning Workshop per quarter (and are encouraged to attend as many as they would like). The Learning Workshops page lists all scheduled events with details on the date, time, and topic of the workshops.

Quarterly Reports & Surveys

All NSP student employees and volunteers are required to turn in several reports for every quarter they work. These reports help us to further refine our program and lend specific support to our student employees and volunteers and our site partners. The Quarterly Reports & Surveys page contains the links to relevant reports and surveys for your convenience.


NSP provides transportation to many of our partner sites. We have a small fleet of University labeled white vans that will transport you safely to and from your NSP site. Our van schedule runs Mon-Fri, from 7:45 AM until 6:00 PM. Our services are available for NSP Student Employees or Volunteers only. Please visit the Transportation page for scheduling and more information.

If you have any questions, please ask! Students can always stop in at the NSP Office or email