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NSP in the News

"Hackathon Teaches Chicago High School students the social power of Big Data" (November 2013).  Highlighting City of Big Data Collaboration.

"NSP Teams with Project Exploration for Science Education" (June 2012).  Highlighting the Brothers 4 Science Program.

"High School Architecture Students Visit 53rd Street" (May 2012) Highlighting NSP's work with King High School's architecture program.

"PE and NSP Launch Brothers4Science" (March 2012).  NSP and Project Exploration's pilot project is at NSP Partner Sites: Till, Ariel, and Mollison.

"Taylor Simpson: Artist, pre-med, all-American" (March 2012).  One-time NSP student Taylor Simpson has done great things!

"Derek Douglas to join University as Vice-President of Civic Engagement" (October 24, 2011). Mr. Douglas will lead the University's Civic Engagement efforts which include the Neighborhood Schools Program.

"Community Collaboration May Lead to Faster Networks" (November 2011).  NSP Director Shaz Rasul quoted on possibilities of improved bandwidth and potential impact on schools.

"U of C student plans to join the family business: the United Nations" (August 2011). NSPer Deborah Mekbib is profiled in Timeout Chicago.

"UCHICAGO Among top 20 schools in Teach for America Program" (August 2011). Every year a significant number of UCHICAGO TFAers are NSPs.

"King College Prep Architecture Tour" (June 2011).  The University profiles the NSP organized collaboration around Architecture and Engineering.

"To Dye For" (May 2011). NSP Student Rafael Menis is profiled in the UCHICAGO Magazine.

"Police & Fire Scholarships 2011" (February 2011). The Neighborhood Schools Program hosts the annual reception for the University Police & Fire Scholarship winner and their families.

"Public Policy Student Recieves Mathematics Fellowship" (November 2010).  Former NSPer Juliette Keely is the recipient of the Izaak Wirszup Fellowship.

"Rasul Named Director of Neighborhood Schools Program" (October 2010).

"New Director to Bring Arts and Technology Focus to NSP" (October 2010).  The Chicago Maroon writes about the new Director of NSP.

"Duel role ends after three decades" (September 2010). University of Chicago Magazine announces Duel Richardson's retirement.

"Richardson's Retirement Caps a Career of Building Strong Communities" (June 2010).

"Helping Chicago Public School students connect with their inner Shakespeare" (Spring 2010). NSP student Ben Samuels-Kalow is profiled by the University of Chicago Office of College Admissions.

"Alumna, staff member recognized for their efforts to foster, promote diversity" (January 2010). Duel Richardson was the 2010 recipient of the Staff Diversity Leadership Award. 

"NSP Profile" (2009).  A profile of the Neighborhood Schools Program.

"A Snapshot of University Engagement with Kenwood Academy" (2009).

"NSP Expects surge in applicants again" (October 2005). The Chicago Maroon reports on the enthusiasm around NSP.

"CUIP fosters Tech-Savvy Students" (2005).

NSP Partners in the News

"Sara Spurlark, 1923-2012" (February 2012). Sara Spurlark, a matriarch of education on the south side passed away. She worked closely with NSP while she was the Principal of Ray, AP at Kenwood, and a founding member of the University of Chicago's Center for School Improvement, now the Urban Education Institute. 

"The Full Day at Fiske Elementary" (January 2012). Fiske is a pioneer schools for the CPS Longer School Day.

"Passion for Diversity Inspires Honorees" (December 2011). UCCS Director Shayne Evans is featured as the recipient of the 2011 University of Chicago Staff Diversity Leadership Award.

"Dovetta McKee helps usher urban youth into College via Office of Special Programs-College Prep".  (July 2011).  A biography of our colleague Dovetta McKee and the important work at OSP-CP.

"Dyett Picked for Athletic Facility Makeover".  (June 2011).  Dyett was selected by ESPN's Rise UP program for an Athletic Facility Makeover.

"Five Kenwood Academy Students win Gates Scholarships" : Chicago Sun-Times. (May 2011).  NSP is a long-time partner of Kenwood Academy and the Kenwood Academy Magnet Program.

"Collegiate Scholars Director Ransom earns Fellowshp for work with students" (December 2010).  Congratulations to our colleague Kim! 

"Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, tireless advocate for Woodlawn community, 1921-2010".  (October 2010).

"University of Chicago Charter School honors first graduates at Woodlawn campus" (June 2010). 


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