Prospective Applicants

The 2017-2018 Neighborhood Schools Program Application is now live!  Please read the information below for a more detailed description of available positions. If you have any questions about the hiring process or working with NSP, please contact us at:


Students can work in schools and community organizations through the Neighborhood Schools Program in several broad roles. Open positions are listed below and on the University's Student Employment Website.

Teaching Assistants & Tutors

NSP hires University of Chicago students interested in community youth engagement to assist elementary, middle, and high school teachers (as well as community center programs) to provide children with more individual attention. NSP students form partnerships with teachers and become vital parts of classrooms and afterschool programs. Their work usually includes tutoring individual and small groups of students, helping to prepare lessons, working with a department, and sometimes working with the teacher to deliver a mini-lesson.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Limited Nonwork-Study

Technology Assistants (CUIP)

NSP has a special need for University students with a technology background to work with our partner organization—Chicago Public Schools/University of Chicago Internet Project (CUIP)—to support the local schools. NSP techs have the opportunity to fix computers, install software, work on network connections, and help spur the adoption of other internet-based tools to enhance learning. CUIP offers extensive training to NSP tech assistants. For more information, please visit the CUIP website.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

Pre-K Specialists (Jumpstart)

Students interested in early childhood education may work in the Jumpstart program. Jumpstart is a nonprofit organization that helps 3-6 year olds learn to read and write. At the University of Chicago, Jumpstart partners with NSP to train college and graduate students to run their own literacy program for 3-6 year olds by working closely with preschool teachers in Woodlawn preschools. For more information, please contact Shaz Rasul at

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

Individualized Tutoring (Maroon Tutor Match)

For more individualized tutoring, Maroon Tutor Match is a recently developed program, led by University students, within NSP to provide affordable one-on-one tutoring with local K-12 students at the request of students’ parents. Tutors typically meet on campus or can work with students online. Some weekend hours are available.  To apply, please fill out this form.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

 Postsecondary Preparation (GEAR UP)

NSP works with GEAR UP, a nationwide program dedicated increasing access to and participation in postsecondary education within public school systems. NSPers help high school students achieve by tutoring and aid in college preparation by working with school advisors.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

Public Service Internships (OCE)

Through a partnership with the University's Office of Civic Engagement, NSP supplements the operations of local city and state-level government offices and offers administrative support to community organizations. Beyond regular interaction with the elected officials and community leaders, NSPers contribute support to connect constituents to services and to support research on upcoming legislation. While these projects offer opportunities in constituent services and research, they do not allow for political work.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

NSP Student Staff

NSP hires students to help with essential internal office operations.

Project Assistants (at NSP Office) - These students' work includes operational details around student recruitment, aiding in the processing of payroll, and occasionally assisting with transportation. They also take on special research projects throughout the year to support the Neighborhood Schools Program's mission.

Transportation - NSP hires two to four students to supplement the professional transportation team during peak hours. Transportation team members must have a clean driving record and must pass the University's driving authorization process. Please contact James Montgomery for more information.

Open to: Work-Study, Volunteer, Nonwork-Study

Special Projects

In addition to the positions listed above, NSP creates opportunities for students to work on special projects on an annual basis. These positions are advertised to current NSP employees/volunteers and are also listed on the University's Student Employment Website.  If you are interested in one of these roles, please note it in your application!

CoderSpace - In a new partnership with CoderSpace,  NSP will be hiring  students to teach middle school students basic front-end web design.

Cool Classics - NSP hires students to support Cool Classics, a program that focuses on classic literature at the kindergarten through third grade levels in NSP partner schools.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition - In partnership with the Office of Civic Engagement, student interns are placed at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to help RPC develop sustainable approaches to research and social media.