The Neighborhood Schools Program

Update:  Are you a UChicago student looking for a WORK STUDY or VOLUNTEER position? NSP is currently hiring teaching assistants, tutors, and technology assistants to work in local schools. The hours are flexible and the work is rewarding. For more information or to APPLY, click the link. Get matched for a position that is right for you today!

The Neighborhood Schools  Program (NSP) is one of the University of Chicago's longest-standing community outreach programs. Founded in 1976 as an effort to create pathways of engagement between the University and the local schools, our program has grown over the years to partner with 50 sites on Chicago's South Side and involves over 350 student employees and volunteers.

Our guiding aims are to match University student interests with local school needs, to be a University-wide resource for all who wish to engage the Neighborhood Schools, and to create opportunities for students and residents from our neighboring communities to engage with the University.

NSP is an outreach project of the University of Chicago's Office of Civic Engagement. Our 50 sites include local schools, after-school centers, government offices, and a women's shelter. Collaboratively, we place students in such roles as tutors, teaching assistants, administrative interns, pre-school specialists, and technology coordinators.

Through the Neighborhood Schools Program, in 2011-2012, University students provided over 35,000 hours of support to our partner organizations in paid and volunteer capacities.

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