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Neighborhood Schools Program

The Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP) is an outreach program of the Office of Civic Engagement, and one of the University of Chicago's longest-standing community outreach programs.

Founded in 1976, as an effort to create pathways of engagement between the University and local schools, our program has grown over the years and now partners with 50 sites on Chicago's South Side and involves over 500 University student employees and volunteers engaging with more than 4,000 local youth each year.  

Our 50 sites include elementary, middle, and high schools, community centers, and government offices. We place students in roles such as tutors, teaching assistants, administrative interns, and preschool specialists.

We offer different ways for local schools, community partners, parents, and UChicago students, campus partners, and alumni to get involved!  

Get Involved

UChicago Students

NSP has over 500 University students who work as employees and volunteers during the academic year, and we have a place for you, too!  You can apply to work or volunteer with NSP, Maroon Tutor Match (MTM), or Jumpstart (JS).

NSP will place you in a community school or government office. Through MTM, you can work as a 1:1 tutor for neighborhood students. Jumpstart allows you to teach preschool students in a team setting in Woodlawn schools.

Local schools and community partners

If you would like NSP tutors to help your school, classroom, or office, or if you are interested in collaborating with NSP in another way, you can e-mail Brandi Snodgrass at bsnodgrass@uchicago.edu.

Additionally, you can invite your community’s families to participate in Maroon Tutor Match, our 1:1 tutoring program.  

Please subscribe to our NSP Monthly Newsletter for important updates on events and programs!

UChicago Campus Partners

NSP allies with hundreds of students each year who are invested in working for and serving their community.

We are involved with a variety of University departments and programs, collaborating to increase the civic engagement of the University and its student body.

If you are a member of the University and would like to discuss new ideas or potential partnerships, please e-mail Brandi Snodgrass at bsnodgrass@uchicago.edu.

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